Zeiss Contura 9/12/6

ROBOCON CNC PVT LTD added new ZEISS CMM to their machining setup enable comprehensive quality control by inspecting critical features and verifying them against design specifications. This ensures that the manufactured parts are free from defects and meet the desired quality standards.

Mazak VARIAXIS C-600

Mazak's VARIAXIS C-600 is a highly versatile simultaneous 5-axis vertical machining center that performs heavy manufacturing on multiple and complex curved surface.

Brother M140X1

TRAVEL X220, Y440, Z350 Mill-Turn 5 axis 5 axis Machining Center Multitasking Machine Suitable for high precision small parts under 200 mm BROTHER SPEEDIO M 140 X1 is multitasking machine. Benefits of multitasking machines! Faster setups, reduced fixturing costs, improved part accuracy and shortened lead times are all advantages of multitasking machines


MAKINO A55 TRAVEL X550, Y550, Z550 4 axis Machining Center Multitasking Machine Suitable for high volume precision parts up to 500 x 500 mm Pallet changer Improved machine usage through continuous machining processes. This reduces the duration for non-productive manufacturing, as the set-up can be done concurrent with the operation of the machine. minimize manual intervention and hence human errors.


CHIRON FZ 08.2 VERTICAL MACHINING CENTER TRAVEL X450, Y270, Z350 Reliably high productivity Highest precision Suitable for high precision small parts under 400 X 20 mm High speed high accuracy benefits reduce cycle time with accuracy.


VERTICAL MACHINING CENTER TRAVEL X1060, Y610, Z610 Used to machine large plastic injection molds, Forging Dies, Patterns & general work.

Macpower 855 Super

VERTICAL MACHINING CENTER TRAVEL X850, Y500, Z500 Used to machine large plastic injection molds, Forging Dies, Patterns & general work.


SINEWY 2035 CNC TURNING CENTER DIA 250, LENGTH 500 Used to Turn high precision parts Parts from Dia 5mm to Dia 250 mm.

Bilz Shrink Fit Machine

A very high transmittable torque, best possible run-out properties and highest possible stability. Better surface finishes & improved accuracy. Maximum holding forces. low-wear monoblock properties. the potential of machining with much higher cutting speed.

Speroni Tool Presetter

Clear, concise and easy to use control specifically designed in order to optimize all tool presetting & measuring operations. An attractive multi-touch display efficiently complements STP ESSENTIA’s design and ergonomics. Tool presetting essence delivered on a Windows™ OS PC based display & sensor system with high definition camera.

Trimos V4 Digital Height Gauge

Min/Max/Delta. Easy detection of min, max points or flatness of a surface. Diameter Measurements. Simultaneous display of diameter and centerline. Long Probes. Standard measuring inserts up to 400 mm, with excellent repeatability. Height Measurements. ...Perpendicularity.

Video Measuring Machine

Accurate and Precise Measurements: VMMs utilize advanced optical and video technologies to capture high-resolution images of the measured part. This allows for accurate and precise measurements of various features such as dimensions, angles, shapes, and surface characteristics.

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