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ROBOCON is the leading fully-equipped CNC machining company. The capability of machining any complex 3D & 2D parts. Machining of virtually any shape part is also possible. Involved in turning shafts and cylindrical parts. The facility operates VMC and HMC CNC machining centers for milling, drilling, turning, and complex contour machining. ROBOCON-CNC-MACHINING

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Sectors we serve

Metals & Mining
Oil & Gas
Pharmaceutical industry
Renewable energy

Robocon manufactures parts for the pharmaceutical, oil and gas, and medical industries. We understand the importance of validation in the pharmaceutical and medical industries. Robocon will maintain a good surface finish and tolerances required for this industry. Robocon will always deliver parts according to customer requirements and specifications. This allows us to manufacture any complex and critical parts. It is only the size of the part that determines whether it can be manufactured. No matter how complex or critical the part is, it will be produced. CNC machining in Pune

CNC Machinded part


Ability to source parts quickly.
In manufacturing, time is money. When a machine has stopped working because a part needs to be replaced, you simply don’t have time to source an OEM part that will take weeks to arrive. Custom parts suppliers will be able to create the product you need with more reasonable delivery times.

Creation of discontinued parts.
Do you have machinery that still does the job but is no longer made? This can be frustrating when you need to find parts. Even if you cannot source an OEM part for the machinery, a custom parts supplier can create it to your exact specifications. This can keep older or obsolete machinery in working order even if OEM parts have been discontinue.

Cost savings.
While it is not always the case, you may even find that the custom parts are more affordable than the OEM parts you have purchased in the past. If you can get back online faster and more affordably, why wouldn’t you choose to go with a custom parts supplier?

Why Us
When you buy from ROBOCON you don’t ever just buy off a list. Your parts are selected with you and your specific needs in mind. That approach defines who we are; we develop relationships with all our customers because every client is important to us! ROBOCON CNC MACHINING COMPANY

CNC Machinded part

Ready to Get Started With Your Best Source For Machined Parts

ROBOCON takes pride in working with companies from all over the globe, providing the parts they need when they need them. Since 2005, our goal has been to provide our clients with the parts they need, to their exact specifications, in as little time as possible to minimize time.Contact us today and let us know how we can help you!

CNC Machinded part

What Is CNC Machining?

CNC machining is a manufacturing process used in machine-tool. Pre-programmed computer software decides the movement of machine tools. CNC used to control a range of complex machines from mills, lathes, grinders, routers. With CNC three-dimensional cutting tasks using many tools achieved in a single setup.


Precision Components:
CNC machines drop human error and achieve accuracy within 0.005mm

Reliable Endurance:

CNC machines work around the clock daily, weekends and holidays. They only stop for needed maintenance or repair.

High Production and Scalability:

Once the part program has loaded into a CNC machine, it repeated unlimited cycles. CNC machines consistently execute huge quantities and afford flexible scalability.

More Capability:

CNC machines with CAD-CAM software can produce any size, shape or texture needed. CAD-CAM outputs that cannot be performed by manual machines. Even the most skilled engineers can’t do with conventional machines

Uniform Product:

With CNC machines, each part is a perfect match to the prototype’s exact specifications. No need to inspect each part.

Lower Costs:

The collective result of high speed, efficiency, specialization, precision, and most of all. Saving money or helps offer the best price to customers.

Better Safety:

Along with an expedient production process and consistent pieces comes a safer environment. Machining operations performed under a closed environment.

Design Retention:

Once a part program loaded into the CNC machine perfect prototype has been created. The program can easily retrieve the design to run it and create the object again. The master file ensures that regardless of external factors such as machine-operator changes.

Low Maintenance:

CNC machines generally do not need much service. Other than to change tools at the proper interval and do some light cleaning. None of the regular maintenance requires professional service.


CNC machining itself creates virtually any shape component you can imagine. ROBOCON CNC PVT LTD is the best CNC machining supplier in India